Welcome to the Design Embassy

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, programmers, writers and digital strategists. Launched in 2014, The Design Embassy provides creative digital solutions for academics, writers, magazines, universities and businesses of all sizes. We aim to find the best solutions to communicate your business objectives and ideas simply, beautifully and effectively.

Morgan Richards is the Creative Director of The Design Embassy. She has worked as a designer, front-end-developer and professional writer for over 15 years, and has written and edited articles for a range of publications covering art, design and science, including Monument, Australian Style, Icon, Iconeye, and ABC Science Online.  She has a PhD in media and communications from the University of Cambridge and is passionate about user experience design.

Anna Crisp is the Lead Designer at The Design Embassy. She has been a designer, front-end-developer and team lead since the olden days of the internet. Working everywhere from the Telegraph in London to a fashion start-up in Los Angeles, Anna is passionate about creating strong brands and engaging websites.

Sandra Licina is the Lead Graphic Designer and Art Director at The Design Embassy. With over 10 years experience as a creative she started her career in film and television working for a variety of post-production houses in Sydney, London and New York, as well as TV channels including ABC, Fox Sports and MTV. Sandra has more recently shifted focus to print and digital mediums and strives to create visually compelling work with a clear message. 

Frances Miller is the UX Lead at The Design Embassy. She has worked in usability and user experience design for 14 years and prior to that as a business strategist, business analyst and in marketing and communications. She is an expert in designing the optimal digital presence for private, public and non-profit organisations, large or small. She is passionate about users, and knows that meeting and exceeding their expectations on and offline is fundamental to business success.

What we do


We design beautiful websites that respond intuitively to all devices.



We design enriched ebooks with seamlessly integrated graphics, video and sound.


We design digital strategies to suit your precise needs.



We communicate complex ideas with bold, witty, eye-catching posters.


We design flexible branding for successful multiplatform campaigns.



We make data simple, interesting and engaging.